International Conference on Creative\Media/Technologies

About the Event

After we finally had to cancel any precence activies of the last conference due to the second hard lockdown in November 2020 on short notice, we are now very positively looking forward to this year’s edition of the IConCMT, which – even though covering aspects of augmented and virtual reality -  will be held in real reality at the facilities of St. Pölten UAS. Despite the obvious benefits we have learned appreciate during the COVID19 pandemic to in respect of the facilities of internet communication, certain "things" cannot be experienced without physical presence, especially when appropriate equipment is missing at the home setup.

One, for instance, is the immersiveness of sound as it can be perceived in installations, concerts, or movie theatres (All Around Audio Symposium). Also, virtual reality experiences including predefined spaces and motion tracking are scarcely realizable at common offices (Mixed Reality installations of the FFG programme Collective Research). In terms of shared experiences the most essential "thing" might perhaps be the synchronicity of participants' perception as a basis for discussion and exchange. As a special feature, the 44th workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition will be part of the IConCMT including a one and a half day conference with presentations of peer-reviewed submissions.

Over the course of five days, students, researchers and guests will have the opportunity to participate at presentations and discussions as well as visit demos and installations in the halls and studios of the St. Pölten UAS. (Inter)national guests and the research communities behind them will have the opportunity to connect with local researchers, students and companies from Lower Austria.