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All Around Audio 2024

The 8th edition of our trans-disciplinary symposium, All Around Audio, will take place on Wednesday, November 27th 2024, during the 6th International Conference on Creative Media Technologies. The symposium will also be part of the International Week at the Department Media & Digital Technologies. 

AllAroundAudio | Products - Applications - Environments

Considering current developments in AI, Industry 4.0, IoT, AR/VR, games, cloud computing, Big Data, mobile applications, digital healthcare, eMobility, and SmartCity, the design and functionality of audio applications have significantly evolved. New opportunities and challenges have emerged for audio researchers, sound designers, and musicians to develop interfaces and redesign acoustic environments in informational, atmospheric, and artistic contexts.

Although audio has not abandoned its status as a standalone discipline, its trans-disciplinary participation in the conception and design of products and environments has become increasingly essential. All Around Audio encourages participation from various fields to explore new intersections and build a scientific network. Researchers and designers from fields such as interaction design, product design, gaming, city planning, architecture, electrical engineering, computer science, digital healthcare, medical technology, automotive, traffic, and mechanical engineering are invited to share their insights.

Additionally, this year's symposium will also focus on two specific topics related to our research in Sound & Music Computing:

  • Within our SoniVis project, we explore integrating visualization and sonification to make data interpretable through visual and auditory representations. Historically developed in parallel, these fields are now unified through collaborative efforts. We founded the Audio-Visual Analytics Community (AVAC) to enhance this approach. Researchers are invited to present their work on integrating sonification and visualization at this year's All Around Audio Symposium.
  • Next Generation Audio (NGA) offers personalized, immersive sound experiences with accessibility features and language options. Developed in collaboration with companies, research institutions, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), NGA relies on metadata to ensure seamless adaptation and delivery across platforms and devices.

Call for Contribution

If you are interested to participate and contribute to this – at least we may say so for the previous years – inspiring event with a spotlight talk, installation or demo, please send an informal email to by September 30th.